Underground Pipe Repairs in Fort Collins

Water Main & Sewer Line Repairs in Fort Collins

To repair a water main or sewer line requires a professional plumber with a specialized skill set, including experience with excavation, trenchless repairs, and outdoor underground plumbing construction.  

Schra Construction has the specialized skills and equipment to repair or replace broken or leaking water mains and sewer lines in Fort Collins homes, including 24-hour emergency response. We’ve been serving the Fort Collins area since 1997.

How to Discover Water Main Leaks

Your water main is the connecting pipeline that feeds water from the public water supply pipeline in the street into your home’s plumbing system. As the property owner, you are responsible to repair your water main if it leaks or breaks. The city government routinely checks for water loss and will be sure to let you know if they find a leak between the street and your property.

It’s impossible to see the condition of your water main because it’s buried underground. Therefore it’s important to look for early warning signs of potential water main problems.

If your house is old …

When your water main and your household plumbing is older than 1974, you should plan on regular service of your water and sewer system. Even when your plumbing appears to be doing well, you should have your water main inspected annually to look for pipeline leaks or other problems.

Rising, sinking, or eroding soil can cause underground pipe movement and breakdowns. Nearby tree roots or cracks in the sidewalk also can be indicators of potential trouble.

To prevent future problems it may be less expensive to replace your old water main before a breakdown causes damage and higher costs. We can help you determine between regular maintenance or total replacement. Call Schra Construction for a free quote.

An increase in your water bill …

We recommend that you monitor the monthly water usage on your water bill to catch an unexplained spike in water use. This is a warning sign of an unnoticed leak. A small and slow leak can cause unnoticed damage until it’s too large to repair easily.

Water puddles in your yard …

When you have a large water main leak, water rising from underground will frequently create puddles on your lawn. If you see unexplained puddles in your yard, contact us right away to find and repair the leak.

How to Find Sewer Line Leaks

You can see water or moisture in your yard or basement. If the moisture smells rotten, you have sewage escaping your pipes.

A small mound has appeared in your yard. When sewage leaks it will expand the soil. This will shift the soil upwards.

There is a very green spot in your lawn. The grass is getting extra fertilizer from below ground. 

Your drains gurgle and smell bad. Your sewer line may be overworked as it tries to empty out the waste due to sewage back-up. Odors come back into your house because they’re stuck in the pipe and have no easier way to escape.

You see spots of water on your carpet or concrete in the basement. Sewage, like any liquid, will find the path of least resistance. We want that path to flow easily to your main sewer line or septic tank, not to your basement.

The drains in your home take a long time to empty. There is wastewater sitting in the line. A clog in the sewer line will make it difficult for the wastewater to flow through. 

The roto-rooter was only temporary. Usually, a clog will continue to get worse if it’s not removed. But removing the clog is only a temporary solution if the sewer pipeline itself helps to create clogs. Sometimes an adjustment to your drainage system will solve the problem and prevent the disaster of a blockage. We can advise you of solutions such as better venting to allow more air in as sewage drains out, installing a new cleanout pipe, or increasing the slope of a drain pipe to the main sewer line. 

WORST CASE – Wastewater is coming up instead of going down. The drains are blocked and none of them can let wastewater through. This is especially damaging when the drains are in your basement. Like fat in your arteries, it’s a good idea to repair a clog before it becomes a total blockage.

If you see any warning sign of a sewer line backup or leak in your Fort Collins property, yikes! Call us asap for a free evaluation of the situation. 

Sarah D. is very glad she did — 

We contacted Schra Construction for an emergency repair to our main sewer line. Not only did Schra Construction work tirelessly throughout the night but the owner, Marc, was knowledgeable, fast and extremely efficient in replacing our main sewer line. We had contacted a few different companies and not only were they overpriced but were not available for our emergency. Marc took the time to explain everything in detail and diffused a very stressful situation. I will certainly be telling my friends, family, and colleagues about Schra Construction. Couldn’t be happier with the job they performed for us !!!!”

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Annette W., – 5 Stars, Nov. 2017 – Called immediately and came out the next day to give an estimate. Gave us a very helpful hint and thanks to our generous neighbors we did not have to live without running water until the main was fixed. Grateful for the excellent service. 

Nancy R., – 5 Stars, Jun. 2017 – Very honest, did not go over the cost for the bid, even tho some other stuff came up. Was prompt and polite, and FAR less expensive than anyone else.

Craig W., – 5 Stars, Apr. 2017 – I felt he was completely honest. He gave a bid and did the work no matter what extra issues came up, no extra charges. He was 1/2 the price of other quotes I got.

Ann S., — 5 Stars, Dec. 2016 – We had Schra Construction do a sewer pipe replacement on a mobile home in Fort Collins, Colorado. It was an urgent situation but they did not take advantage of that. Dependable company at a reasonable price. We are the owners of the mobile home park. In comparison, other companies have charged us thousands more. We will use Schra in the future.