How Trenchless Repairs Work for Sewer Backup


How trenchless repairs solved a sewer backup problem and saved thousands of dollars.



This photo shows that the sewer pipe section had shifted so that the pipes were misaligned and there was NO FLOW. 


Finding the Cause of a Sewer Backup. 

When you ask Marc to come out quick! to see what’s going on, one of his tools is a video camera which, when skillfully inserted into your sewer pipeline, can usually see the cause of your difficulties. This might include root intrusion, cracks, punctures, corrosion, clogs, or misaligned pipe sections.  

Marc Schra knows at least a couple of ways to insert the camera into the sewer line without digging a hole and opening the pipeline. The easiest is to use your cleanout pipe, if you have one. Just screw off the cap and insert a tiny sewer camera which is attached to a flexible snake-like cable that Marc will feed through the sewer pipe until it reaches the clog or break in the line.


Trenchless Repair Was The Best Approach

Marc’s knowledge and experience will also suggest ways to fix the problem. Marc will advise you of your options and give you a free quote. He considers the time, the tools, the mess, and the money. He will come up with the quickest, easiest, cleanest, and least expensive solution. 

In this case, Marc knew how to manage this sewer line repair without new sewer pipes and without digging. Marc prevented a lot of work, expense, and mess for the homeowner. This was a situation where TRENCHLESS REPAIR was the answer.



The camera shows a clean and secure connection inside the sewer pipe. Wastewater flow is restored.

Marc Schra accurately diagnosed the problem and proposed trenchless repair as the most effective and least expensive repair solution. 


How Trenchless Repair Works

Schra Construction was able to insert a special sleeve into the sewer line and forced the alignment of the two pipe sections. Then a liner was installed that effectively sealed the connection and repaired the sewer line. The cause of the sewer backup was eliminated and wastewater flow was reinstated. 

Most importantly this was done without digging up the sewer pipe. Trenchless repair is not always the least expensive or the best solution, but in this case, trenchless repair took less time, created less mess, and reduced the cost to the homeowner by thousands of dollars. In fact, this homeowner had quotes as high as $25,000 to dig up and replace the whole sewer line. It’s a good thing they also called Schra Construction for a quote.

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