Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

Cost of Water and Sewer Line Repairs

The fact is, an underground leak is not a $100 fix. The location of a sewer and main water line leak is one of the factors in the cost of repairs, and yet, the biggest part of the repairs is often what must be torn up and replaced. It’s more expensive to replace concrete than it is to replace the sod. So if the water line has broken under your driveway as opposed to the sod in the middle of the yard, it will be a more expensive repair. Hopefully, your line has broken in a convenient place to repair instead of in your basement or under your patio.


An excavator digs in a lawn to uncover the pipeline.To know the cost of repairs, the first concern is the location of the leak. Once we do a leak location detection test, we can tell you the cost to repair your broken water main or sewer line.

Call us. We’ll take a look at the problem, locate the leak, and give you a free quote for the water or sewer line repair. Marc Schra will find ways to keep your cost to a minimum and still provide a top-quality repair.

Marc is definitely an experienced professional and watching him handle an excavator impressed me. He worked around our yard with ease and did the project in one day. He was considerate and his fee was very reasonable. I’d recommend him to anyone.”

5-Star Home Advisor Review by Paula C. in Greeley, March 3, 2018 – Project: Replace a Main Sewer Pipe

See what our customer, Michelle C. in Boulder, says about our Trenchless Repair and how we saved her money on her repairs.

Marc took care of repairing our sewer-line from our house out to the main. They did a method which I believe is called “trenchless” (though they still had to dig a large, deep hole to access the line.) They essentially feed a resin soaked liner into the clay pipe and then expand the liner and allow it to harden. This saves the owner from the large expense of digging up the sidewalk and street. We were impressed by Marc’s thoughtful consideration of our project, the speed at which he moved our project along, the care he and his coworkers took in protecting our property (such as our concrete patio) such that we did not need to bear the expense of repairing that. The final cost was exactly what he quoted us. We were expecting to pay more so, of course, we were very happy with the price tag. Though we wish no one the expense of having to replace/repair their sewer-line, anyone who finds themselves in that situation would do well to call Schra!”

5-Star Home Adviser review, May 31, 2017 – Project: Main Sewer Pipe Repair

See more customer comments about cost here.

What to expect when we repair your water or sewer line:  

We’ll recommend digging and/or trenchless repair.

It’s likely there will be digging involved. Trenchless sewer line repair is available and it can be more or less expensive than digging depending on the location of the leak. Trenchless repair costs more than digging, but if a sewer or water line breaks under concrete? It may cost more to break up and repair the concrete than to do a trenchless repair. If we only need to dig up the sod, it might be a good idea to skip the trenchless repair because it would probably cost you more money in total. We will discuss all your options with you after we take a good look at your situation.

We will discover the damage and repair the pipe.

If there is only a puncture or hole in the pipe (and hopefully that’s all there is), we can often install a gasket or a repair clamp after digging down to the pipe. This will seal the leak and save you money.

If there is a break in the pipe, the portion of the pipe that is damaged will be removed and replaced. Fittings are used to seal the new portion of the pipe with the undamaged pipe.

Call Marc now to get the ball rolling toward a cost-effective professional water or sewer line repair.