Main Water Line Repair Services in Colorado

Broken water mains can be damaging and expensive.

Broken water mains have caused streets to crumble and homes to flood with mud. To repair a water main requires a professional plumber with a specialized skill set, including experience with excavation and outdoor underground plumbing construction. 

Your water main is the connecting pipeline that feeds water from the public water supply pipeline in the street into your home’s plumbing system. As the property owner, you are responsible to repair your water main if it leaks or breaks.

It’s impossible to see the condition of your water main because it’s buried underground. Therefore it’s important to consider a few basic precautions and look for early warning signs of potential water main problems.

Plumbing repairman and excavator scoop digging a hole to fix a water line under a street. You want to avoid the cost of street repairs if at all possible. 

1. If your house is old …

When your water main and your household plumbing is older than 1974, you should plan on regular service of your water and sewer system. Even when your plumbing appears to be doing well, you should have your water main inspected annually to look for pipeline leaks or other problems.

Rising, sinking, or eroding soil can cause underground pipe movement and breakdowns. Nearby tree roots or cracks in the sidewalk also can be indicators of potential trouble.

To prevent future problems it may be less expensive to replace your old water main before a breakdown causes damage and higher costs. We can help you determine between regular maintenance or total replacement. Call Schra Construction for a free quote. 

Old ceramic sewer pipe completely filled with tree roots. This can also happen to old water lines.

2. If there’s an increase in your water bill …

We recommend that you monitor the monthly water usage on your water bill to catch an unexplained spike in water use. This is a warning sign of an unnoticed leak. A small and slow leak can cause unnoticed damage until it’s too large to repair easily.

3. If water puddles in your yard …

When you have a large water main leak, water rising from underground will frequently create puddles on your lawn. If you see unexplained puddles in your yard, contact us right away to find and repair the leak.

Unexplained water puddles are a sign of an underground water line leak.

Call Schra Construction for excellent repairs at a fair price. But don’t take our word for it …

Dea N., Longmont, Colorado – 5 Stars, Jun. 2018 – Marc is great! Honest, does the job, advocated for me, the customer, with the water company.. Went above and beyond, even doing some extra work with his machine for no extra charge.

Ray M., Loveland, Colorado – 5 Stars, May 2018 – I had a notice from the city saying that I had a “hard leak”. I checked and couldn’t find any leak. So I called Marc and he said he would come out “free of charge” and help me find it . After checking all the fittings and faucets, Marc found that a toilet was leaking enough to cause excessive usage but not enough to notice it. He saved me thousands of dollars on what I thought was going to be a main water line repair. I offered to pay him for his time and he said he told me the service call to diagnose the problem was free of charge. Even after offering to buy him dinner he refused to take any compensation because he told me on the phone the service call was “no Charge.” Although I didn’t need him to “repair” anything, he gave his time and me peace of mind. He is truly a man of his word and I would not hesitate to use him for any of my plumbing needs. A man of Marc’s high ethical standards, is one I would trust to do business with. Thanks Marc

Barbara C., Pierce, Colorado – 5 Stars, May 2018 – Highly recommend, he took the time to help a neighbor out that was an unexpected job. Very nice man, easy to work with and knows his stuff.

Annette W., Fort Collins, Colorado – 5 Stars, Nov. 2017 – Called immediately and came out the next day to give an estimate. Gave us a very helpful hint and thanks to our generous neighbors we did not have to live without running water until the main was fixed. Grateful for the excellent service.

Ronald C., Dacono, Colorado – 4.5 Stars, Aug. 2017 – Mark did a good job at a reasonable price. He was on time and explained what was wrong and how much it would cost. Good Job!

Kirk F., Boulder, Colorado – 5 Stars, Jun. 2017 – I highly recommend Schra Construction. Our water line repair project turned out to be far more difficult than anybody would have thought because of some very poor original installation work performed when our house was built 25 years ago. Schra Construction stuck with it and got it done with innovative technique and perseverance.

David M., Fort Collins, Colorado – 4 Stars, Feb. 2017 – Good job. Cheaper than anyone else, but took longer than I expected.

Nancy R., Fort Collins, Colorado – 5 Stars, Jun. 2017 – Very honest, did not go over the cost for the bid, even tho some other stuff came up. Was prompt and polite, and FAR less expensive than anyone else.

Craig W., Fort Collins, Colorado – 5 Stars, Apr. 2017 – I felt he was completely honest. He gave a bid and did the work no matter what extra issues came up, no extra charges. He was 1/2 the price of other quotes I got.

William P., Loveland, Colorado – 5 Stars, Mar. 2017 – Schra Construction is the best value in the business. The job was done correctly and quickly. I highly recommend them.

Lynn W., LaPorte, Colorado – 5 Stars, Jan. 2017 – I’m going to hire them again. I was very impressed, they even called back to make sure everything was fine afterward.